Our Story

Nobody understands the joy and unconditional love that a pet can bring into someone’s life except another pet lover.

We love it when people show us pictures of their pets and share their excitement!

Knowing the happiness that pets bring to people, we thought how great it would be to have pictures of them on fun, useful, everyday items, so we are constantly reminded of them...such as: on mugs, when drinking coffee or tea…or on cell  phones cases, or on decorative pillows, or on wall art, or on tote bags when going to the Farmers Market, or other places...

Combining your pet’s pics + the "Aww" factor = our products...so  PawwPics was created.

PawwPics is a Family owned Start-Up Business, based in Chicago, and we want to help spread happiness to pet lovers by turning everyday items into products with their pets’ pictures on them. 

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope Pawwpics.com will be a little part of your life, that makes you smile and adds happiness to your day.

Very sincerely,

Laura and Lou