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  • CHARITY: A Portion of Our Proceeds Help Support Various Animal Shelters in the Chicago Area.
  • PHOTO/PICTURE/IMAGE: To get you the Best possible finished product, PLEASE keep in mind, we may have to make some changes with the image you submitted, to optimize your picture on our product, such as: 
    1. Size
    2. Quality
    3. Layout
    4. Brightness
    5. Shape
    6. Pixels
  • PROOF: We will email each customer a virtual proof of every item ordered. We can’t place your order into production until we have your email approval.  Once you approve the proof, your order will be entered into production and no further changes can be made.
  • PROOF APPROVAL: You will receive an email, which will state: “I have reviewed and approve my design.”
  • LEAD TIME: Due to COVID, lead times are longer than normal.  We are working very hard to minimize lead time. As each order is custom, PLEASE allow 2 weeks for delivery.
  • CUSTOMER OWNERSHIP PROPIETARY RIGHTS: Please understand and agree that any Photo/Image you submit is wholly owned by you and you have the rights to use photo or image on our product(s).  You further understand, agree and affirm that your use of the photo image is in full compliance with any copyright, trademark or other proprietary laws. 
  • APPROVAL: When Placing Order, By clicking, “I Approve” I agree with the Terms of Sale (list Terms of Sale)
  • PLACE ORDER: Clicking the “Place Order” button will charge your chosen method of payment. All coupon codes or discounts will be redeemed at checkout and will be reflected on your purchase receipt that will be emailed to you.
  • ANY PROBLEMS with an Order:  We want to know so we can make sure that EVERY customer is happy with their order.  If you have any concerns with your purchase, PLEASE email us at Info@PawwPics.com
  • PawwPics OWNERSHIP PROPIETARY RIGHTS: Please recognize and agree that the Photos/Images that are on our website are our property and can NOT be reproduced without our express written consent.
    • FEEDBACK:  We really want to hear from you. If you have any suggestions of comments, PLEASE let us know.
    • Mockup & Printed Product Results: The mockup generator is used as a preview sample and is not intended to represent actual printing and color results. Color may appear differently across substrates and fabric colors.
    • Recommended Jpeg Quality: JPEG quality controls the level of compression when saving a JPEG file. The higher the quality, the less compression, and vice versa. We recommend 100% JPEG compression for almost all products, but on some of our larger fabric products we recommend 75%. There are two reasons for this: (1.) A 100% quality JPEG could be too large to upload for products such as beach towels (2.) On fabrics, 100% quality and 75% quality often look identical because of the texture in the fabric.
      • Printing on Glass: Please NOTE that White will NOT appear on Glass items. The lighter the color, the more transparent it will appear on the final product. For example, black will be opaque, while white will be completely transparent. Black prints best.